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I was discussing our plans for Leader As Coach for 2007 with our HR Manager. She mentioned that this is the first time she has seen training still spoken about a month after the fact - a great win for my sales leadership team and certainly one for Bluepoint.

Marilyn Gorman
Global Sales
GE Energy


sales leader as coach

The Sales Leader as Coach workshop shows you how to incorporate the practices and principles of professional coaches to your sales technique. 

The workshop is based on the Great Expectations Coaching Model which highlights the three timeless principles of great coaching:

Great Expectations Coaching Model

Earning the Right to Coach how you show up as a coach
Perfect Partnership a relationship in which you challenge another to perform at his or her very best
Dangerous Conversations conversations that identify new courses and produce sustained improvement
  • Sales Managers and Professionals who want to increase their slaes results
  • Close more sales by coaching sales reps on areas that can provide the most impact and leverage for their clients
  • Grow sales results by assuming a coach-like attitude with client
  • Develop coaching partnerships with your customers and coworkers
  • Participate in the personal growth of others while developing high performance coaching skills
  • Challenge others to hold themselves accountable for results
  • Substantially increase your ability to lead and drive change
  • Increased accountability from sales personnel and accelerated achievement of business goals.
  • Cost effective approach to building internal coaching capability.
  • Consistent approach to coaching and performance improvement across the organization.
  • 360 Assessment provides numerical and anecdotal feedback on your coaching performance
  • Extensive coaching practicums addressing real and current issues
  • Behavioral feedback and appreciative commentary provided through the workshop.


Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development

Outlines the best processes and practices of professional executive coaches in a simple, straight forward model which can easily be implemented in your organization. More...

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