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It has been a great pleasure working with everyone at Bluepoint and we are enjoying huge success with the Leadership Essentials Series.

Laura E. Slump
Senior Learning & Development Specialist Human Resources
New York & Co.


Bluepoint programs are extremely well-structured and well-facilitated. The content is top notch and always offers a fresh, engaging perspective. Bluepoint programs consistently are given high scores from our participants and people tell me they have always learned a great deal which they can take back to their workplaces.

Bluepoint staff are always professional and really try to meet the organization and its employees where they are at I would highly recommend them to any organization that wants to create a culture of coaching or support their high-potential staff.


Gayle Snyder
Senior Consultant, Talent Management and Organizational Development
Calgary Health Region


the leadership essentials

Fast paced and highly experiential, The Leadership Essentials Workshop is uniquely designed to equip managers with the practices and competencies necessary to lead successfully at the personal, interpersonal, team and organizational levels. It provides a strong developmental foundation for both new and seasoned leaders. The experience will equip the participants to answer the following questions:
  1. Have I really earned the right to lead others? How do I build a powerful personal leadership brand and create the credibility necessary to lead in these demanding times?
  2. How do I influence others to perform at their best? How do I create a culture of sustained high performance?
  3. How do I lead my team to produce innovative results?
  4. How can I extend my influence throughout the organization creating exceptional focus and alignment of efforts?

4 Areas of Leadership





Authenticity - One-on-none –your leadership credibility
Coaching - One-on-one –interpersonal relationships
Innovation - One-on-many –how you lead your team
Alignment - One-on-the-organization –your vision for the future

Over the course of four distinct modules, participants are guided through a series of thought-provoking lecturettes, exercises, video case studies, personal coaching sessions, action research projects and practicums. The modules that form the basis of the workshop are:

Authenticity: Leadership development starts with self-development and in this module participants will closely examine how they show up as leaders, and how they can develop a powerful personal leadership brand. The Leadership Essentials Inventory (LEI), a 360-degree assessment, provides critical feedback, enabling a focus on self-awareness, leadership maturity, values and personal leadership qualities.

Coaching: This module takes the best practices and approaches of professional coaches and introduces these in a leadership context. It focuses on building strong, one-on-one relationships, helping participants to develop the capability of coaching for high performance throughout the workplace.

Innovation: This module equips leaders with the skills to bring a team together, harness the power of human creativity, and generate innovative solutions to real business issues.

Alignment: In this module participants will study various leadership methodologies of creating alignment. They will focus on creating extraordinary alignment through the use of a potent leadership communications process. This module is rich with practice work on real business issues.

Participants will be better able to:

  • Apply a solid, research-based model for effective leadership.
  • Recognize and develop their leadership role within the organization.
  • Enhance their personal leadership presence and authenticity.
  • Learn to coach others for high performance.
  • Increase employee engagement levels.
  • Lift the performance of teams by creating a fertile environment for innovation.
  • Develop improved organizational commitment and alignment.
  • Leave with specific “Monday morning promises” that will ensure implementation of new behavior and an operational plan.

Organizational benefits include:

  • Better bottom line results.
  • Improved talent retention and loyalty.
  • Increased employee engagement levels.
  • Higher morale, and improved trust and respect throughout the organization.
  • Employees feel valued, understand their role and how they contribute to the big picture.
  • A more fertile environment for innovation and highly productive teams.
  • Improved commitment and alignment.

For leaders at all levels - from new to seasoned.

The standard workshop is designed as a two-day workshop.
One-day and half-day sessions are available.

Classroom or Conference


Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development
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