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Bluepoint Leadership Development


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The Bluepoint process of becoming authentic (via The Leader’s Voice) diffuses the fears, illusions, and delusions that you carry and gives you courage to step up and communicate.
Ellen Weiss
Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Your course has really sensitized me to understand and recognize successful leadership communication.  In fact, four days after I attended The Leader's Voice I gave a briefing at the CIA. This briefing was one of the highlights of my career. Thanks to skills I learned in the course, I felt more confident and executed my briefing flawlessly (I thought) and received several comments of praise.
Gregg Zelkin
Technical Fellow


The Leader's Voice

The Leader’s Voice provided practical techniques that I could take with me and apply immediately.

Patrick Hanley, Associate Director, Genentech

The Leaders VoiceCommunication is the biggest area of dysfunction, and provides the biggest area opportunity for improvement, in organizations. 

The Leader’s Voice strikes right at the heart of leadership communications.  It helps individuals get clear about who they are, what their message is, and how they articulate their message so that people hear it, get it and act upon it.

Communication Channels

Our research demonstrates that people communicate through three distinct channels:


When leaders use all three, they inspire their constituents to align and unite toward a professional vision

  • Senior Managers
  • Executives
  • Sales professionals
  • High potential and emerging leaders
  • Any professional who needs to communicate effectively
  • Become inspired to believe in and take action on vision, values, and key strategic initiatives.
  • Increase productivity as a result of higher levels of trust among employees.
  • Develop key leadership themes and messages.
  • Garner greater leadership credibility.
  • Clarity of vision, of message, of key business imperatives
  • Consistency of language and messaging, with leadership actions that match the words
  • Unity amongst leaders – everyone is aligned to the same common goals
  • Better morale and communication among all employees.
  • Three video recorded practice and feedback sessions
  • Addresses all forms of leadership communication (Written, Spoken, Email)
  • Proven, research-based model
Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development
The Leaders Voice
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