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Bluepoint Leadership Development


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The Bluepoint Leadership Pipeline is comprised of five major stages of career development for your leaders.

Getting the right people in the right workshops is vitally important.

Business Needs

Leadership Levels

  1. Individual Contributors may not have positional authority or a formal leadership role, but these people are expected to perform, contribute and influence in a leader-like manner. 
  2. Emerging Leaders are at an early-stage in their careers.  They have been identified for their leadership potential and aspirations.
  3. Mid-Level Leaders are typically mid-level managers making the transition from tactical to strategic leadership. Their focus is shifting beyond functional responsibilities to the overall organizational issues.
  4. Senior Leaders manage divisions or business units.  In addition to their operational responsibilities, they are responsible for enterprise-wide opportunities and challenges.
  5. Executive Leaders operate at the strategic level of the business.  They are responsible for crafting and executing your organization’s business model.


Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development

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Bluepoint Leadership Development