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The Leader Speaks is a powerful workshop that addresses the heart of leadership, namely, how do leaders share themselves and their vision with others in order to move people to action. It gave me courage and tools to have more impact in my interactions with others - whether on a one to one basis or when communicating with a group.

Rachel Moore
Vice President,
Human Resources
Enerflex Systems Ltd.


Bluepoint programs are extremely well-structured and well-facilitated. The content is top notch and always offers a fresh, engaging perspective. Bluepoint programs consistently are given high scores from our participants and people tell me they have always learned a great deal which they can take back to their workplaces.

Bluepoint staff are always professional and really try to meet the organization and its employees where they are at I would highly recommend them to any organization that wants to create a culture of coaching or support their high-potential staff.


Gayle Snyder
Senior Consultant,
Talent Management and Organizational Development
Calgary Health Region


The Leader Speaks

…an advanced leadership communication workshop
Great leaders make their voices heard. The Leader Speaks is a highly experiential workshop, designed to provide participants with the theory, application, practice and feedback necessary to significantly accelerate their communication effectiveness. Through a series of thought-provoking lecturettes, experiential exercises, video case studies, and communication practicums, participants learn how to use their natural leadership and communication talents to immediately have a positive impact on others in their organization and beyond.

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Effective communication is not simply another leadership competency. It is the very heart of leadership and permeates everything the leader does. It is more about courage and caring than about eye contact and PowerPoint decks. It is more about showing up than arm waving. It is not about the leader’s performance… it is about the leader’s impact.

A comprehensive exploration of the core tenets of great leadership communication will be studied through the use of several video case studies of business, social and political leaders. Participants will learn methods of applying communication methodologies to key leadership challenges such as organization change, strategy implementation and operational effectiveness.

Participants will engage in a novel self-awareness exercise during which they identify their personal Core Leadership Principles that will form the foundation for all of their leadership communication. They will study various ways of using these Core Leadership Principles to enhance their communication impact.

Participants will significantly increase their communication proficiency through a series of experiential exercises that are aimed at developing significant personal connections, articulating compelling views of the future and crafting profound, meaningful organization stories.

Over the course of the session, each videoed for post-workshop reference, participants will prepare, practice and deliver four communications utilizing the The Leader Speaks methodology. These communications will be based on the participants’ actual organizational, operational and customer priorities and will be aimed at creating a significant increase in alignment, engagement and commitment. Throughout this process, participants will receive peer and facilitator coaching and feedback.

Throughout the workshop participants will experiment with three potent leadership communication Power Tools namely: 1) Language, 2) Imagery, and 3) Argument.

Participants will be better able to:

  • Inspire their constituents to take concerted action on vision and strategic objectives.
  • Create an effective ongoing communication plan for their teams.
  • Communicate more effectively in large group, team and one-on-one situations.
  • Craft written communications such as emails in a manner that gets attention and generates action.
  • Increase their leadership power by weaving both organization values and their personal principles throughout communications.
  • Overcome the natural anxieties and apprehensions associated with speaking in front of groups.
  • Lead with a strong sense of clarity and purpose.

Organizational benefits include:

  • A more engaged workforce.
  • Better alignment around corporate objectives.
  • Clearer and better understood values and vision.

From emerging leader to executive team, The Leader Speaks is for anyone who is seeking to significantly improve their leadership communication skills.

The standard workshop is designed as a two-day workshop. One-day and half-day sessions are available.

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Bluepoint Leadership Development
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