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I want to thank you for launching me off the ledge during the Leader as Coach session.Your feedback was genuine, bold, dare I say life-changing for me. Your words put a laser on the possibility I have to use my talent to do what I am passionate about. I stepped into a new place and I haven’t looked back.

Sue Melone
Owens Corning

“Leader as Coach” was one of the most impactful courses I have taken because it taught a practical model for engaging in ‘dangerous’ conversations. By being open, genuine, and having noble intentions, I learned that it is possible to speak directly on just about any topic, especially the ones we work so hard to avoid. And through these challenging conversations we learn and grow.

Jonathan T. Losk
Vice President, Hardware Development
St. Jude Medical

Be Prepared. If you want more than the coffee mug slogan version of coaching, this is for you. It is quite remarkable how Bluepoint has created a workshop at this level of impact in a 2 day format.

Ann Moreira
Leadership Development Manager


leader as coach

A practical, highly experiential workshop designed to help managers and leaders excel at coaching others for high performance. Drawing upon the timeless principles and processes employed by great leaders and professional coaches, the program challenges participants to become the kind of person from whom others genuinely want to receive coaching, to create relationships that confront real issues, and to engage in potent, performance changing conversations.

Participants will first examine their readiness to provide effective coaching. Using the Leader as Coach Inventory™ (an online 360 degree assessment) and in-class coaching and feedback, participants will have the opportunity to assess their unique values, motivations, talents and competencies, and examine the influence these factors have on their coaching impact.

Participants will learn how to establish significant relationships in which others are challenged to perform at their very best. Through a series of interactive exercises, they will explore and develop their ability to have Great Expectations for others, regardless of current performance and perceived career potential.

Great Expectations Coaching Model

Participants will engage in several challenging practicums designed to provide real-time experience in Great Expectations coaching. During these practicums, they will employ a proven set of coaching principles designed to assist others to achieve a sustained increase in their performance and challenging career possibilities.

Participants will be better able to:

  • Understand what High Performance Coaching is (and what it is not).
  • Identify the qualities of an effective Leader Coach.
  • Recognize their unique strengths as a coach and how these can be effectively used in their coaching role.
  • Develop coaching partnerships with those they manage and lead.
  • Participate in the personal growth of others while developing high performance coaching skills.
  • Achieve significant business results by coaching in areas that can provide the most impact and leverage for the organization.
  • Challenge others to hold themselves accountable for results.

Organizational benefits include:

  • Achieving professional level coaching in a cost effective approach.
  • Building a consistent approach to coaching and performance improvement throughout the organization.
  • Increasing managerial capability to lead and drive change through focused organizational coaching.
  • Encouraging greater accountability and accelerating the achievement of business goals.

For all managers and leaders who wish to coach others to a higher level of performance.

The standard workshop is designed as a two-day workshop. One-day and half-day sessions are available.

Classroom or conference

Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development
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Leader as Coach brochure by Bluepoint Leadership Development

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