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The Leader's voice

Second Edition

The Leader speaks. Followers applaud on command. There is an illusion that communication took place, but it didn't. Unfortunately, this communication failure breeds additional communication static. Over time, leaders resort to commands rather than communication. This leads to breaking talent, not starting it. The Leader's Voice is the language of your associates and your constituents. They listen in facts, emotions, and symbols."The Leader's Voice".

The Leaders Voice
by Ron Crossland and Boyd Clarke -
$ 21.95*

About the Authors
Boyd Clarke and Ron Crossland have been business partners and friends for nearly 20 years. Before becoming CEO and vice chair of Bluepoint Leadership Development, they founded International Leadership Associates. Senior leaders from organizations such as Lens Crafters, Arby's, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems have relied on their expertise in leadership, organizational change, and communication. While Ron tends to immerse himself in the facts of research and Boyd leans toward the emotion of great stories, they both share a love for symbolic communication. As such, they communicate best in The Leader's Voice when working together.

*US orders only. For International orders, please contact Keira Murrell at (513) 683-4702 ext. 223

Bluepoint Leadership Development
Bluepoint Leadership Development

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