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Business Goal
Grow market share and re-IPO the company

Seagate Technology had a bold vision to take their company off the stock market and, for a time, escape the quarterly earnings pressures exerted by Wall Street. Their four-year goal was to grow their global market share from 23% to 50% for disc drives. This bold vision signaled the need for a shift from a command and control culture to a more entrepreneurial one.

Bluepoint's solution began with pre-intervention interviews with senior executives and the HR team to secure commitment and set the tone for transformation. This was followed by delivery of The Leadership Challenge Workshop for core VP teams and management.

Implementation throughout the organization was delivered through workshops to individual contributors and the certification of 13 Seagate internal coaches to deliver both interventions and maintain transformational urgency and momentum.


  • 1,200 plus employees have participated in The Leadership Challenge.
  • In post-workshop surveys, 95 percent of participants rated the experience as 'exceptional' and 'superior.'
  • Six months later, 88 percent of participants believed that The Leadership Challenge was instrumental in attaining their business goals at Seagate and 95 percent believed that it was delivering a direct bottom line benefit. (Source: Seagate HR Metric Survey).
  • Seagate's market share increased from 23 percent to over 30 percent in a 12-month time frame.

All of this culminated in Seagate re-entering the stock market with shareholder value more than tripling in the 12-months after launch. (NYSE: STX).

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